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Tim Mulloy

Update on Tim 3/28/19


Friends, I’ve got some sad news on Tim and his condition. This family needs our support more than ever now, please pray for peace and provision for the Mulloys. We’ve kept this under wraps since it started last Friday, not knowing how severe it would end up.

This nerve disorder has attacked Tim’s right leg. He called me Sat. morning to say he wasn’t going to be able to make it out to Az. He had been up all night from the pain of the circulation being cut off from his foot, said he felt it start above the knee, same as the left leg. The swelling and blisters and pain were the same as before, he figured his foot was dying and beyond recovery. This week they’ve been at the doctors for their prognosis.

Tim will be in for surgery on Monday April 1st to remove part of his right leg. We don’t know how much yet. If it’s up to Tim, it will come off above the knee, above the area he felt it starting. I pray the doctors will follow his wishes instead of taking off too little and resulting in further amputations down the road.

Tim’s family will be going to stay with them for support and to give Charlene some rest, and allow her to stay working at her job.

This is heartbreaking to see this family going through so much. The response from the people that have met or worked with Tim is nothing but high praise for this man’s character and the positive influence he’s been to so many. Please do what you can to support and promote this fundraiser for the Mulloy family. We need auction items and cash donations to the GoFundMe page or the Paypal account set up for the Mulloys. The financial and emotional drain of 8 yrs. of this has been tremendous.

And Tim has never stopped praising God through it all, knowing that this life is but a momentary affliction compared to eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you all for your caring and your contributions.


To all my friends and acquaintances out there. This is to create a benefit auction and fundraiser for our good friend Tim Mulloy.

The purpose & goal of this auction and fundraiser is to raise at least $50,000 for a good prosthetic leg for Tim. If we can possibly surpass the $50,000 for the leg, a good arm prosthetic is needed as well, not to mention the financial drain of 10 limb amputations and multiple other surgeries including a neurostimulator which was connected to the C spine and removing bone spurs from previous amputations.  

I’d like to give some background about the man just and what I know of him since meeting Tim on the T’s ranch outside of New River, Arizona in 1994. I had hired on the T’s a few months before, when Tim showed up with his 10 year old son, Destry. He made a deal with the ranch manager to do some work on the ranch and start a few colts on his own time. Tim & I hit it off and soon became good friends.

Tim met and married Charlene while there on the T’s. They moved on to a number of other ranches in Arizona and Wyoming for a number of years before settling in Duncan, Arizona. Charlene is an amazing, strong woman, being at his side through this cowboy life and this ordeal. Along with the Mulloy’s raising their own kids, they adopted another relative’s boy who didn’t have a stable home and now has a real home, a good Christian mother, father figure and example.

Tim and I kept in touch as I had parked in New River for the duration. I would get to Duncan to visit, they would get to New River, and we have remained good friends through the years.


You can also donate directly via PayPal

This limb circulation problem began when he was in Duncan and had both wrist fused in surgery to help stand the pain of years of hammering on an anvil shoeing horses, breaking colts and the general abuse we enjoyed. That surgery seemed to set something off in his body that at first began to cut off circulation in his hands. All four fingers on his right hand died and had to be amputated. This was just the beginning of what this unknown condition would do. At the present time, it amounts to 10 amputations.

At some point in time, he decided he could move to Missouri, buy enough land there to raise some cows and horses of his own. Tim and Charlene now live in Missouri.  So the entire time they’ve lived in Missouri Tim has had one amputation after another, in and out of doctors offices, surgery centers, rehab centers and still continues to work with horses and cows any time he is able.

Tim has been and still is a part of the equine program at the Agape Christian Boarding School and loves being a part of that. He schools the young men there in getting colts started.  Look them up, Agape Christian Boarding School in Stockton Missouri is changing the lives of teenagers.

Present day. Tim has no good prosthetic limbs. There have been many changes and the cheap stuff doesn’t work well at all if you want to continue getting around in life. The legs he’s used in the past won’t hold up for any semblance of a normal routine. The knees constantly give out and send him sprawling to the ground, something that’s hard to protect yourself from when you’ve lost the arm too.

Below is a timeline of these amputations. I had to number them to get a count of them. 10 amputations and multiple other surgeries.

The following is from Tim and a timeline of these events

“So this started in 2011 after having both wrists fused. Shortly after the surgeries I started to experience loss of circulation pain in both hands unable to find a reason for this condition. It went on for several years undiagnosed. January 2014 lost circulation in the right hand and never did come back which led to basically all the fingers dying. I had gangrene setting in and and then the amputation (1) of those fingers. Continued to work and then in January, almost to the Day in 2015, the right hand and 8 cm of my forearm was amputated (2) at that time. Over the course of approximately another year and a half, there were three more surgeries (3,4,5) done on that arm.

January of 2015 while up at Mayo Clinic, they diagnosed me of having RSD  or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. This is an extreme case that I have; it’s not uncommon but to the severity that I have it is unusual. RSD causes arterial episodes or events where I lose circulation where the nerves pinched off the arteries and the flow stops, leading to death of the extremity.

In 2016 I lost my pinky and my thumb on my left hand (6). During that time I noticed it was now in my lower extremities – both legs, and on December 2nd of 2016 I had a left leg below the knee amputation (7). Within a few months there was a progression of the RSD to a above-the-knee amputation (8). So again there was any of the original prosthetic. Then we had to get another prosthetic. A few months after that, it progressed again and lost another five inches of my left leg (9) which now required another prosthetic. These events took place in 2017. 

In 2018 there was another above-the-knee amputation (10) and approximately three more inches was amputated.

There have been some other surgeries along the way. One was a neurostimulator which was connected to the C spine to see if they could stop this in the upper extremities and at that time, nobody knew that it was going to carry itself through the rest of my body.

Also in 2017 there was some other surgeries done to grind off some bone spurs that had formed and remove some hardware that was poking through my skin; some nailing that was not correctly done. I continue to have trouble with the RSD in my right leg and left hand and arm what’s left in my hand I have three fingers left.”



We are holding a week long auction. We’ll set a date soon and will need a month or so to take donations and to get the word out to as many people as possible. Each of you have a circle of people that only you can reach. I pray we can far exceed expectations and give the Mulloy’s a bit of breathing room in finances and provide for the good prosthetic that allow a person to get around as well as possible and with confidence. 

If you’d like to contribute for the good prosthetics this will buy, you can donate items for the auction, buy items from the auction, or just donate money. 100% of this goes to Tim. Everyone involved in making this happen has gladly volunteered their time and expertise for the true reward of helping a good family.

The anchor item for this auction is a Dale Harwood saddle, left to me over 20 years ago from my good friend and fellow cowboy Jim Caseber. This was made for Jim by Dale Harwood in the mid to late 80’s. If you don’t know about Dale Harwood saddles, look him up. They’re a rare item now and regarded as the best saddles made by the premiere saddle maker of our time. This saddle belonged to a good cowboy and horse hand and still has a life time of use in it. I pray this will go to some one who will use it as it’s meant to be.

Thank You,

Randy Rutledge   New River, Arizona

You can reach me at 602-422-1432   Send an Email


Dale Harwood saddle pictured above.  Here’s more information about Dale Harwood & his saddles:

Dale Hardwood
Masters Of Traditional Arts: Dale Hardwood
Cowboy Arts
Dale Hardwood Saddle Facebook

We have started a GoFundMe account for Tim as well

You can also donate directly via PayPal


Tim Mulloy

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I love bro Tim. The man is a walking testimony of God. If you can’t donate money, please take a second and pray that men and women can help him. We all need more men like Bro Tim Mulloy! I miss working on the ranch and seeing him saddle up everytime we would go out on the pastures! It’s truly amazing to me to see the fight and determination to not let his health get in the way of his happiness. It helped me when I was at school and it helped me realize that though I may be going through a hard time, I need to always have faith in God and place my happiness with Him. As soon as we as humans place our happiness on things of this Earth, we lose our meaning and our proposed for God’s will in our lives. This man changed my life and we all have a chance to change his. Please pray and if you can, donate as much as you can!!!

Paul Gurnic

If anyone would like to donate to this auction, that would be amazing. Tim and Charlene are great people. When we lived in Duncan they were neighbors and friends and we went to church together. Tim also assisted in my Ag classes, teaching my students about shoeing horses and confirmation of a good horse.

Katee Moss McSpadden

This is an amazing husband, father and grandfather. Please consider donating, anything will help.

Brooke Davis Mulloy

Took this picture today of Tim. I have the honor and privilege of working with Tim.

Justin Rarrick

Tim is a wonderful man. I see him show up to work Monday-Friday. Rain or sunshine.

Kris Flohr

I have the privilege of working with Mr. Mulloy every single day. His life is an amazing testimony of how in spite of circumstances you can still glorify God. I am so thankful I know him, and cherish every memory I have of riding and roping with him. I am begging my friends and family across the miles to participate somehow in making this a reality. It will mean the world to the Mulloy family. Thank you.

Jordon Hadley

Had read about Tim’s early life in Ed Ashurst’s book and was impressed by that. That he needs help now … all I can say is I’m in.

Carmella Troisi-Hoerr